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Fitted with our market leading Legacy Modchip!


With Modes like Jitter, Dropshot, Jumpshot, Autospot, Akimbo, Autoaim, Aim kneel reset and much more, you can see this mod has it all! On our last chip we loved to boast how our rapidfire is smoother and faster than any other sellers..well yet again this chip takes that to a whole new level! As always, proving we are the best on eBay and maybe the world, for Rapidfire Controllers!


I know thats a bold statement to make but just compare the modes on this controller to any other and you will see theres none out there that offer all these modes in one mod. This mod has modes never before seen, we have created some seriously one of a kind tricks to help up your game and to make it even better, we sell at the same price (OR CHEAPER) than the other sellers' outdated mods!!


Our world exclusive mod has been made by the worlds greatest team of coders, we compiled a list of what our customers ACTUALLY want instead of filling the mod with unused modes like other sellers do. We have added a new feature that allows the user to enable/disable mods to the modes they're using. Easily the best Rapidfire controller on the market today!

36 Unique Modes

This mod has 18 primary modes and 18 sub modes, double tap the sync button while in a mode to enter its sub mode.

We have packed this mod with even more features while keeping to our traditional 36 modes.

The Mode List

Main Modessub modes

Our last mod has been the best mod on the market for a very long time, we have always been the top sellers on eBay for Rapid Fire Controllers and have always managed to keep a 100% positive feedback ratio.

Well we'd like to keep it that way! We asked our customers what they liked/disliked about our previous mod, we got some really good feedback which helped us create this beast!

This new mod has some crazy modes, some never before seen, black ops snaking was one we were really interested in making, this little hack makes you unstoppable, you crawl round on your stomach at run speed but to you, it just looks like you're running.

This is also the first time we have made a mod for none fps games, we have always been avid racing fans and found alot of people struggle to use the clutch on games like Forza, using the clutch shaves precious time off your lap so we have brought out another exclusive mod called Perfect Clutch. You do the gears and the mod will press the clutch for you.

ALL modes are fully programmable by as little as 0.1 sps and they all have the feature "Left Trigger (LT) cancellation" This works great if your behind cover or just want to take a shot without ending up on the floor. We were the first to offer this amazing feature!

Please note: Auto-aim modes work in offline play only! You can use this feature in Zombies, Campaign and Spec Ops.

All controllers are sent with detailed instructions, they also have our phone number at the bottom for any extra help you may need.

I could sit here and talk about the mod all day but im sure most people will just skim through this anyway so ill end it here. Have a look at the mode list, it speaks for itself. If you have any questions at all, please dont hesitate to contact us.

Plus much more! All modes are adjustable which make this controller compatible with ALL games, past, present and future!

The Controller in Action

Please take a look at our facebook page for updates, videos and much more. Just search xmodscontrollers


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