The controller needs to be updated, can I update it?

Yes your perfectly safe with any and all updates, they wont affect the mod in any way.


    Why is rapid fire slowing down my automatic weapons?

Rapid fire is for semi automatic weapons only, it rurns a semi automatic weapon into full automatic - when used on automatic weapons it will reduce the rate of fire which can come in handy on some of the weapons as it does reduce recoil.


    Are your mods safe online or can i get banned for using them?

No, our mods are stealth patched so there is zero chance of getting caught using it. They are 100% undetectable. You will no doubt annoy other players that cannot compete with their standard controllers, they may complain about you but in all our years in this business we have never known anyone to be banned from this.


    Are your controllers new and genuine?

Yes we only sell brand new controllers, bought from a reputable UK supplier.


    Do your Xbox One controllers have the 3.5mm jack?

Yes we always use the latest version of controller, at the moment that is the S version or 1708, these come with both the 3.5mm jack and port.


    Is this controller wireless?

Yes we only sell wireless controllers.


    What mods work online?

Autoaim is the only mod that does not work online.


    Is the mod easy to use?

Yes, we put alot of work into making sure our mods are user friendly. We always keep a check on the market and see some very confusing mods. To turn ours on/off you tap sync, to change modes  you simply hold the left trigger and tap sync for our Carnage Mod or hold left on the dpad and tap sync when using our Legacy Mod.


    Im in mode 5 but want mode 6, how do i get there?

The mod doesnt cycle which means whenever you change mode you start from mode 1, so if you're in mode 5 and want mode 6, simply hold LT (or left on the dpad for our Legacy Mod)) andap sync 6 times.


    Whats the difference between the Carnage Mod and Legacy Mod?

Our Carnage Mod is packed with 36 of the most essential modes, it has set mode lists and is easier to use.

Our Legacy Mod has everything the Carnage Mod has plus modes never before seen on a mod, you can enable/disable jumpshot, dropshot, autorun and ADS while in most modes and rapid fire is greatly improved too. This is the best mod on the market right now!