• Am i ok to update the controller?
Yes your perfectly safe with any and all updates, they wont affect the mod in any way.
  • Can i get banned from using your mod controllers?
No, our mod is stealth patched which means there is zero chance of getting caught using it. You will no doubt annoy other players that cannot compete with their standard controllers, they may complain about you but in all our years in this business we have never known anyone to be banned from this.
  • Are your controllers new and genuine?
Yes we only sell brand new controllers, bought from a reputible UK supplier.
  • Do your Xbox One controllers have the 3.5mm jack?
Yes all of our XB1 controllers have the 3.5mm jack unless stated. We do have a couple of airbrushed shells left that were painted before the 3.5mm version were released. This will be noted on the listing though.
  • Is this controller wireless?
Yes we only sell wireless controllers.
  • What mods work online?
All modes except autoaim work online.
  • Is the mod easy to use?
Yes, we like to think its one of the easiest mods around. We always keep a check on the market and see things like, "press A to add 5s", "press B to add 10s", "hold this button then press these other 5 buttons to get into mode 15"... you get the point. To change modes with ours you simply hold the left trigger and tap sync.
  • What if im in mode 5 but want mode 6?
The mod doesnt cycle which means whenever you change mode you start from mode 1.